Comforting and Clothing Our Sisters in Loss

On October 17, 2015, my daughter Madison was born asleep. I was 34 weeks pregnant.

In my experience, I was unable to wear my own clothes when I returned home from the hospital. When I had my son in 2012, I didn’t care. I continued to wear my maternity clothes or my trusty yoga pants. I was exhausted, blissed out, and no one was looking at me anyway! After having Madison, it felt like a cruel reminder to put on my maternity clothes, and it was so painful. 

When you lose a child, a part of your confidence and self-esteem is lost too. I hated my body for not providing my daughter safe passage into this world. With only maternity or frumpy clothes to wear I felt even worse about myself. I didn’t want to go out or be seen in public – by anyone. Losing a child is isolating as it is, this makes it even more so.

I wore the same 2 pairs of pants for 3 months until I finally broke down and bought some clothes that fit. And I was fortunate enough to work from home, many women who experience a loss have to return to work outside of the home and need clothing to wear. It wasn’t because I couldn’t afford to buy a few things to wear. It was because I couldn’t face clothing a body that I hated, a body I felt failed me.

Our mission is to comfort and clothe moms who share this path by providing complimentary donated clothing to help them reclaim their self confidence. When you have something nice to wear, you feel better about yourself. The women who donate to Madison’s Closet do so thinking of the women they will help. They want to be of service in a helpless situation.

We would be honored to help you.

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I'm Henderson & Welcome

My daughter Madison is the inspiration for Madison's Closet.

My mission is to comfort, clothe, love and support my fellow sisters in loss.

If you are here, chances are you have lost, or you love someone who has lost. You are loved. You are not alone.

I hope to have the chance to be a part of your path forward and have you be a part of mine.

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Our mission is to comfort and clothe moms who have suffered a perinatal loss by providing complimentary donated clothing to help them reclaim their self confidence. Our Moms receive a box with the clothing items of their choice shipped free of charge to their home.

There are two ways that you can help donate and support our work.

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The average cost to ship a box of clothing to a mom is $10.

We would be honored to have your help by sponsoring a box and allowing us to continue this work that makes a difference to so many of our sisters in loss.

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